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Superstar Streetz is a multiplayer action-packed racing game. Race to success in 2 minute races, and outcompete your opponents with a range of destructive and fancy weapons across 17 different race tracks. Thinking that’s all we have to offer? Choose and customise your favourite car to your liking, by using a range of available parts! From paints to rear wings, your car can be customised in every aspect. With Gold Key, you can benefit even more, with the ability to create and expand your garage! So what are you waiting for? Join and play Superstar Streetz, and build your fame! Download the game for free now!

Important features:

  • • Global multiplayer racing
  • • In-game chat function
  • • 17 different and exciting tracks
  • • More than 30 cars
  • • Ability to customise cars
  • • A range of destructive and enjoyable weapons to use
  • • Option to join or create a team

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Frequent asked questions

How can I get CR$?

You have two ways:
Buying CR$ via paypal (best deal) can be done with sending the money to "". Currency has to be € - Euros (change the box in your paypal account) and the text message has to include the game (superstarracing or superstarstreetz) and the exact username of the game. The charge in the case that there is one has to be taken by the user. Price scale:

Exchange rate of paypal is valid. The transfer of CR$ to the account is normally done within 24 hours from Monday to Friday and within 72 hours on weekends.

You can also buy them with your phone or credit card using our shop.

Can I transfer CR$ to a friend?

You can transfer CR$ to a friend if you request it when you buy CR$ from PayPal.


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